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Monday, September 26, 2011

guest post by suzanne: purls of love

“Steek, skein, slip and popcorn stitch, oh and purl stitch too. Sound familiar to you? To a group of women, mothers and good friends, who have been together through babies being born and children graduating, this is their language on Tuesday nights at a local coffee café where they meet to knit and chat.

My good friend, Mary Sue, is a part of this Tuesday night knitting group. She has been involved with Change The Truth and SMK since last December 2010 when I was a member of Team 4. She asked her knitting group if they would be interested in knitting hats for the children at the orphanage. Their positive response was immediate, and they were hooked (knitting term, I think.) Some of women in the group are: Jennifer, Julie, Kathy, Sarah, Trish, Karen, Jan, Cas, and Katy. Some of them are master knitters; others have been knitting for fun since their mothers taught them at a young age.

The knitters asked if I could meet them one Tuesday night to talk about my experience at SMK. So, off I went with books, pictures and lots of stories to share. They were in awe as they watched the video. I pointed out certain children and told their stories. I was amazed that in just a few short hours that night they turned out several hats. As they were talking with me, their needles spun one beautiful hat after another. It was all a blur to me - stitches, needles, loving hands and yarn coming together. To date they have knitted close to 100 hats of various shapes, sizes and colors. Each one is truly special and is made with a mother’s love.

I will stuff these beautiful gems into my duffel bag for the trek to Uganda in December, and on Christmas Day each child will be sporting a new hat made by this small, but compassionate group of women who meet each Tuesday in Brookfield, Wisconsin to knit, talk and share life.

As they say in Uganda, ‘Webale’ (thank you) to the knitting group and my dear friend Mary Sue, who made this happen for the kids of St. Mary Kevin orphanage.”

- Suzanne

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