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Thursday, August 11, 2011

almost time for some time off

The seasons roll on, and soon it will be Fall - my favorite. There will be so much to blog about in September, but for now I am due for a little blog break. I will be signing off for a a few days. Truth is, I am going to a spa/retreat for a week. There I will bask in the beauty of close friendships, a gorgeous landscape, silence, organic food, exercise, hiking, scrabble games, meditation, art classes, etc. I am going to try and stay away from trips into cyberspace, which includes writing blog posts.

Before I do so, I will be sharing a "guest post" from my son Max, who just so happens to be getting involved in a very interesting program that caters to the homeless in Boston. (Folks say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree... as my children get older, I am beginning to realize there is some truth to this.) Max's post will appear soon.

In the meantime, I'll whet your appetite with some of the topics that will be covered in September.

It will be time to begin introducing Team 5, an AMAZING group of volunteers who will be traveling with me to the orphanage in Uganda this December.

The brand spanking new CTT website will be launched. Lots of good stuff there.

I am firing up my portrait business again. That will happen in my groovy new studio space in the Livestock Exchange Building. Special deals will be offered to blog readers!

Monique Udo (from the Netherlands) has been at the orphanage teaching music to the kids since the end of July. You'll love hearing about her experience and seeing some of her pictures. Just know she wrote recently that the kids learning saxophone are "learning too fast!" Oscar and Tony apparently are practicing five hours a day. (These children never fail to impress and inspire their Mama Gloria.)

My grandson will turn one. Admit it. You know you'll want to see pictures of him eating processed sugar for the first time, right? Abbie and Sam have promised the guests at the party a big 'ol birthday cake, and Henry will get to dive right in!

Recent nursing school graduate (and CTT sponsored student) Douglas has begun working at the newly re-birthed SMK medical clinic. This is outstanding, hopeful news, and there will be much more info about this to follow.

Moses got his hearing aids. His adjustment to them, and the changes that have occurred in his life, are pretty fascinating.

Melissa and Antwain will be celebrating their one year anniversary in Uganda. Since we can't all go to the party, we'll have to settle for some words and pictures from the two of them.

So, you see... there are reasons to stay tuned. Look for Max's blog soon, and then I'll see you on the flip side of my break. Thanks for sticking with me. September will mark the 5th anniversary of this blog. Whoa. Who'd have thunk it?

And, with the permission of his mother, here is a rather funny and adorable (parting) shot of 11 month old Henry. He seems to be quite the explorer.

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