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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

j. leroy beasley

If you have watched the Doll Project film from last year, you have already met J. Leroy Beasley, Michelle's husband. He was one of a handful of artists featured. I really enjoyed getting to know him during the interviews we had. J. Leroy is a tradesman and a self-taught sculptor, photographer and painter. He's passionate about the arts.

During the doll making process at the orphanage last December, I asked the children to try making some animals. It was pretty difficult to do, and I came home with only two: a camel, whose neck did not survive the long trip back to Kansas City, and this bull. Upon seeing it, J. Leroy claimed the latter immediately! (I'm fairly certain it was made by Willy; J. Leroy was excited about the collaboration, especially after I told him all about the artistic 15 year-old.) He will get to meet Willy for himself when he travels to the orphanage this year as part of Team 5. Who knows what the two of them will create when they actually get together?

The piece is 26" long. When J. Leroy handed it to me, he said: "We all have our heavy loads to carry."

** On the painted base are the handwritten words "believe in me."

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