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Sunday, July 01, 2007

speaking of sam and abbie

These two are quite a pair. They have been hanging around each other since sophomore year in New Haven seven years ago. They were married almost two years ago in our front yard under the shade of our big blue spruce tree. The wedding was self-officiated. Abbie was barefoot, the Whiffenpoofs (Sam included) serenaded all who were gathered, there was poetry by Neruda, we all pronounced them husband and wife, they both smashed a glass and then we second-lined to the reception in the backyard. It was great fun.

Both of these unassuming old souls are teachers, musicians, writers, cooks, movie buffs, killer scrabble players, gardeners, beer brewers, and they like, well, most anything 60’s-ish, organic and recycled. Both can usually be found carrying a Nalgene and a tattered book, wearing clothes they found in a thrift shop. They don’t have a T.V. They share one very fuel-efficient car. They composte. They prefer to keep their carbon footprints small.

Abbie teaches art; Sam teaches English. This coming school year, however, Sam is taking time off to pursue a music career and perhaps look into graduate school opportunities. As soon as they (he plays guitar, he writes most of the songs, they sing together) get their first album recorded, they will hit the road to do an extended road trip/tour. That will probably be next June. Much more on that to follow.

You won’t find many kinder, gentler or more sincere young people than these two.

We love it when they visit us from New Orleans.

One time when Abs was really little and my parents had just boarded a plane after a weekend visit from Kentucky, she said something like, “It’s always so hard when they come to visit, because we always have such a good time, but then they always have to leave.”


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Anonymous said...

if i were sam or abby, i would feel lucky to have a mother or mother-in-law like you...!