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Thursday, October 10, 2013


When my children were young, I used to tack a lot of their artwork up in our "kitchen cabinet gallery" and on the refrigerator. I framed many of my favorites and found special places for them on walls around the house. When Eddie and I downsized to smaller digs, the artwork Abbie and Max made (packed in portfolio cases) came with us.

I've loved the artwork the children at St. Mary Kevin Orphanage have made over the years. These paintings and drawings adorn many of the walls in our home now.

Grandson Henry turned 3 last month. His mom has always let him paint and draw with wild abandon. Just recently, though, his drawings have started to become representative - at least to the rest of us... Henry has known what he's been drawing all along, I'm quite sure!

You can imagine my joy when I receive a little snapshot of a drawing Henry has just completed. Abbie says he spends a long time working on them, and he wants to make another, then another, then another.

Asteroid catcher


Saturn with rings, core, asteroids

Shape party

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I want to go to a shape party.