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Monday, January 07, 2013

strings for uganda

Music has always played a significant role in CTT’s involvement at St. Mary Kevin Orphanage. The marching band was formed in 2008, and additional instruments have been added over the years. Lessons have been given on recorders, melodicas, wind instruments, guitars and drums. 

SMK has a terrific music teacher in Ivan. He works patiently with the children and has raised them up from very humble beginnings. Various team volunteers, including Monique, Max and Shane, have provided instruction and encouragement, as well.

Dancing, drumming and singing have been part of most all the children’s lives since they were very young.

As you can see in this one-minute video by Lynne Melcher, the children simply love anything having to do with music. (And they sweetly tolerate my own questionable dance moves!)

A group of four talented young people who call themselves “Strings for Uganda” will travel to SMK in August to share their love of stringed instruments. Amaya, Nick, Lindsey and Hannah are already busy planning their two-week curriculum and are so excited for the opportunity to introduce violins to the children.  They will leave instruments behind, along with instructional videos and (hopefully) will be able to arrange for the hiring of a part-time violin teacher from a music school in Kampala. This way, the fire they light will continue to burn.

"Strings for Uganda" will hold their first fundraiser on February 9th at Hamburger Mary’s in Kansas City. You can read more about it here. Funds raised will be used to purchase instruments and music equipment.  We hope to see you there!


stacie said...

mmmmm hamburger mary's! my favorite! perhaps we'll come over for a little birthday dinner for me! (feb 10)

Gloria Baker Feinstein said...

that would be great! the bingo at hamburger mary's is totally irreverent and whacky. just for starters, the caller is usually dressed in drag.