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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

new year resolutions

What's at the top of your list? Go to the gym more often? Eat less chocolate? Use those vacation days?

Here's the list issued by Rosemary, director of St. Mary Kevin Orphanage: just a few suggestions for the children and staff to keep on their radar screen as they make their way into the new year.

"This is 2014 - a New Year 
That we cherish and hold dear
We hereby declare our resolutions for the New Year
That we swear to keep and follow with full dedication:

We shall, with the help of God, our Directors, and People of Goodwill -- 

1. Work harder to get better grades at School to make our Sponsors happy
2. Share & Engage with our Friends, Peers, Mentors & Counsellors and Sponsors
3. Hope positively for the future and face Challenges with Determination & a Smile
4. Embrace, Respect, Practice and Protect our Culture & the Environment
5. Be Disciplined & Respect Authority, and love your Neighbour
6. Avoid HIV infection, Say NO to sex abuse, under-age pregnancies & forced Child Labour, assist the disadvantaged, the elderly & those infected or affected by AIDS, TB, Malaria, and Diarrhoea
7. Focus on the achievement of the Millennium Goals by 2015 – Universal Primary Education, Promote gender equality & empowerment of women, Reduce child mortality, and Improve access to Health services & safe water, etc." 

Team 7 had a heck of a time getting home from Uganda. Most everyone was at least two days late because of the winter weather we've been having. I am on my way to the airport now to pick up the last of the group: Dawn and Emily. I'm sure they're exhausted and have had it with the airlines and with snow. I'm posting this beautiful photo of Emily and two young friends in their honor. The warm east African sun and the sweet touch of these precious children are but distant memories today, but they are memories I hope all of Team 7 will hold dear for many, many years.

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