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Sunday, June 30, 2013

you build it up, you wreck it down: photographs by polly chandler

And I Hang In The Curtain And I Sleep In Your Hat

I was attracted to Polly Chandler's work as soon as I saw it in Fraction Magazine's most recent issue. I was kind of turned off by the titles, but once I "got" that they are lines from various Tom Waits songs, I felt okay about them. I'm a big Tom Waits fan. AndI think these photographs are pretty gorgeous. So I was a happy viewer and thought I'd share.

Polly Chandler grew up in Southern Illinois and graduated with an MFA in photography from Southern Illinois University. She has exhibited her work nationally, and her photographs have been published in magazines such as Photo District News, American Photo and B&W Magazine. Polly now lives in Austin, Texas and continues to make photographs as well as strives to challenge herself in her work. About her body of work, she says 'There are those occurrences that sit with us and settle into who we are. Some are more forceful than others. I am seeking to explore those identifiable instances that seem to slow time, and through my photographs, share the understanding of these moments.'

'My latest project is a series of narratives based on my personal interpretations of the music and lyrics by the singer-song writer, Tom Waits. Over the past few years I have endeavored on a project that filters and renders my experiences, emotions and quest for purpose, through my understanding of his music. It is often simply a single line from a song that will spark an idea.

All of the images included in this project were taken with a Large Format Toyo CX45 View camera using Polaroid Type 55 film (which is now discontinued, although I stocked up on the film when the rumors first started that it was going to disappear). I will often location scout using a point and shoot camera, then make sketches later until an idea fully forms, and eventually make the photograph. I process my film in the chemistry on location, photographing until I get the shot that is just right.

My photographs represent, among other things, my experience and interpretation of a particular place and moment in time (ultimately representing myself). All of my images are done through the camera. There is no digital manipulation aside from some levels adjusting.

For me, part of challenging myself as a photographer is to create the image I'm looking for while in the field, creating in the camera and exposing on the negative.

I also print full frame (meaning I do not crop the edges of the negative) to show that I pay close attention to every detail within my frame; including the very edges. Photographing this way does slow everything down and the subject has to pay close attention to the process of making the photograph along with me, so it's a very collaborative process, which I like.'

 -  Polly Chandler (from Fraction Magazine, Issue #52)

And If I Have To Go, Will You Remember Me

And The Sea Turns Into A Mirror

Will You Lose The Flowers, Hold Onto The Vase

You Dreamed Me Up And Left Me Here

Take Back These Wings

Along An Icy Pond

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