"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." - Dorothea Lange

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

coming soon to portland

This summer while in Portland I plan to continue working on my street series, but I'd also like to book a handful of commissioned portrait shoots. If you live in Portland and would like a portrait session with me - or you know of someone who might - please contact me at gbfeinstein[at] aol dot com. I'd like to do some on-location sittings of newborns, children and families. I'd also love to photograph births.

My sitting fee is $200. I'll meet you wherever you choose, spend as much time as I need to make sure I've gotten a good body of work, will edit the pictures and burn medium resolution selects onto a DVD. (You can then go on to use the files however you see fit.) If you would like prints made by me, we can work this out for an additional charge.

I'll be in Portland from July 5 through August 12. I will be based in the Pearl district, but would be willing to travel anywhere within the city limits to meet you at a good location for the shoot.

I recently made these portraits of a young Portlander named Arlo. His mom brought him to a park, and we all had a good time hanging out together. I photograph children in an unobtrusive, easy going way. I'd like to think the resulting portraits show more than just the gut-busting laugh or the cheesy Kodak smile. I have found that parents like having photographs of the different sides of their kid's personality, especially those that focus on more subtle, quiet expressions. (These pictures are usually the ones that are the most appreciated as the years go by.)

Please drop me a note if you're interested in scheduling a session, or pass this along to someone you think might be. I promise we'll have a good time and get good results! 

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