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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Last night there was a natural gas leak, explosion and fire at JJ's, a beloved restaurant here in Kansas City. It was a cool place - locally owned and operated by Jimmy and his brother David for 27 years.

JJ's is completely gone now. Neighboring businesses, offices and homes were affected, as well. One body was found in the charred remains this morning, and three people are still in critical condition at nearby hospitals.

It's a sad, gloomy day in Kansas City.

After meeting a friend for coffee this morning, I drove as close as I could to the block where JJ's had stood. I guess I wanted to physically be part of the community that is dealing with this tragedy hands-on. I also wanted to get a picture or two to post here on the blog. Of course, the police have the whole area marked off, and there's no way to get too close right now.

As I pulled up to our condo, I saw this one lonely helicopter hovering in the sky. I had fallen asleep to its drone last night, and I can hear it even now as it circles high above the Plaza, the area where JJ's was and which is only a few blocks away.

It struck me as sad. Which is the way everyone in KC is feeling today.

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