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Monday, June 25, 2012


Okecha Willy

Something About Me:   I am 19 years old.  My younger brothers (Oscar and Brian) are also featured artists.  I also have 2 other brothers (1 younger, 1 older) with me at St. Mary Kevin, too.  I am a CTT sponsored student attending Senior 3 at Kajjansi Progressive Senior Secondary School.

My Future Aspiration:   To become a computer engineer or artist/painter.

My Favorite Subjects to Study:   Computer, Physics, Mathematics, and Fine Art

Activities I Enjoy Outside of Class:   Painting on students’ clothes and assisting my friends with computer software and applications.

Best thing about CTT visiting us at SMKOM:   CTT has come to build our nation through putting in much effort and funds for the Ugandan child so that he/she acquires education and other development opportunities and skills for a brighter future.  They show us great love when they are here at SMKOM.

One of My Best CTT Friends:  Sarah and her mother Linda.  They brought band instruments to SMKOM which is another opportunity for us to develop our musical talents.  The sounds of music are always heard now. 

Special Message to You Seeing My Painting:    Thank you for putting a brick in Uganda’s foundation.  Thank you for appreciating my artwork, and may God bless you.  Thanks a lot.

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