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Saturday, November 20, 2010

t-shirts and a happy season

I love the rhythms that accompany each season.

Fall has always been my favorite. As a kid, some of the best things associated with autumn were: new school clothes, new text books that smelled really good, my birthday, raking leaves at my grandparent's house, eating all things pumpkin and playing touch football with the neighbor kids or my two big brothers.

For the past few years, fall has meant: time to make preparations for my trip to Uganda!

There are particular rhythms to those preparations. I get to look forward to the same things each year.

One of those things is the creation of the new Change the truth t-shirt, which I give to team volunteers, as well as to our dear friends in Uganda who assist with the trip. This year I chose to feature the orphanage's marching band and used a drawing by one of the children, Brian. A generous CTT donor has made it possible for us to print extra shirts - one for each member of the band. The young drummers, trumpeters, trombonists, etc. are going to be thrilled! They will wear these shirts with pride.

The shirts are available to you, too! For $15.00 you can proudly show off your support of CTT while you also provide financial support. Here is one of CTT's lovely young friends, Leah, modeling the shirt. You can buy it right here using Paypal or a credit card, and we'll send you the shirt!


Another favorite part of this season is the generous spirit with which CTT friends acknowledge the nearing of my trip. Several times this week, I have discovered on my front porch bags filled with various goodies to stuff inside my luggage: ball caps, cough drops, tylenol, colored pencils, decks of cards, sketch pads, stocking caps, crayons.

Knowing that so many people care and want to help the orphaned children fills me up with such hope and happiness. I know it's almost over, but... Happy Fall!

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