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Friday, March 26, 2010

change the truth exciting news: part one

As promised, here's a taste of some of the exciting stuff going on at Change the Truth.

The centerpiece of our annual fundraiser this June will be dolls. The children at the orphanage make these wonderful, whimsical dolls out of banana fiber (the stuff you strip off the bottom of the banana tree.) The dolls have always been big sellers at our events; they are clamored over, actually. Each has a distinct personality, and all are beautiful. This year, we are asking area artists to select a doll and do a "collaboration" of sorts with the child who created it. The artist will alter or decorate the doll any way he/she sees fit.

The really exciting part is that some of Kansas City's preeminent artists have agreed to take on this project - indeed a generous gift of their time and talent. The artists will have the doll for about a month to put their "signature" on it and transform it into a new piece. Among those who have kindly taken on the challenge are ceramicists, painters, printmakers and fabric artists.

Just to whet your appetite for the June 25th silent auction, here is a sampling of some of the amazing and highly respected artists who have graciously agreed to participate:

Shea Gordon
Jane Voorhees
Marcus Cain
Lonnie Powell
Linda Lighton
Susan White
Allan Winkler
Archie Scott Gobber

Included in this fantastic mix of creative rock stars will be art educators, high school students and emerging artists. We have about 40 dolls to give out and are still in the process of contacting artists. More names will soon be announced, and starting in May, I will post photos of some of the finished pieces.

In the meantime, here's a photo of one of the dolls - ready for "alteration."

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Anonymous said...

I wish you and the all committee the very best for the forth coming fundriaising event .
Chief Peter