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Thursday, August 09, 2007

k.u. med cancer center

The Leopold Gallery sold “Hands in Sky, Kajjansi” to the Kansas University Medical Center for installation in their gorgeous new cancer building. The request for a 40” x 60” version of the image raised some questions about presentation and ultimately led to my first ever foray into printing on canvas.

I wasn’t too sure about this. Hey, I am a photo-purist after all. But the finished piece surprised me with its drama, depth and texture. I’m actually really happy with the way it looks. I wish the kids from St. Mary Kevin’s could see the reaction it gets from patients and staff as they walk down the long hallway it faces. Just to see their larger-than-life hands in such a dignified and handsome setting would be pretty thrilling for them!

Paul and Eddie hung the piece in its new home last week.


Billie said...

I've come from the school where 11x14 is a nice size print. 16x20 is BIG, but like you I'm learning. I have some 30x30 holga images hanging in the Federal Reserve Bank in HOuston and I was amazed at the presence they had when printed that large. I was sure they would fall apart and in some ways they did but since the holga is a little fuzzy to begin with, the larger image held up really well. I'm so glad we have this new technology and the challenge to keep learning.

I love the hands image. The hospital made a great choice.

gloria said...

Thanks, Billie. I'd love to see the huge Holga images someday. Next time I'm in Houston...