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Saturday, March 24, 2007

brick making and brick laying project

“An individual empowered with vocational skills does not need to be employed. Such an individual can start a small-scale low capital business, as the key business input is the individual’s skills. The output of such a business will normally be focused on the local consumption/ purchase patterns. In this way the goods produced are sold locally with little overhead cost and virtually no transport costs.

Those who go to school they have to do the vocational work on Saturdays and on the holidays so that they can attain skills and make items to generate income for the orphanage to cater for the orphanage needs, which are a lot.”

This is an excerpt from a project proposal sent to me by Rosemary and Michael at St. Mary Kevin’s. I had asked them to determine what their greatest need is at present (other than helping the children with their school fees). Rosemary is a firm believer in establishing a set of vocational skills for the orphans so they can eventually make their own way in Ugandan society. The best way “Change the Truth” can help is to provide ways for the children to learn to help themselves.

The Brick Making and Brick Laying project is a continuation of a project St. Mary Kevin’s has had in place for years. What the proposal includes is the purchase of things like (the wish list for supplies is quite detailed – the research that went into this is obviously extensive) lake sand, plaster sand, a paver’s machine, a half brick machine, a ventilation machine, eucalyptus poles, nails, iron sheets and cement.

The older children have made bricks at St. Mary Kevin’s for a long time. They use the bricks to build their own buildings on the grounds of the orphanage, and they sell the bricks to generate income for food, clothing and other needs.

Rosemary has known for some time that the project needs to be updated and enlarged. She is asking for our help.

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