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Sunday, September 13, 2015

the shoe that grows: a happy day

before new shoes

Today we distributed the cool shoe that grows five sizes. We had enough for kids in Primary 1 through Primary 4. Kids who didn't get shoes received a backpack/bag. Everyone was really happy with their gifts.

It was quite an operation. First, we adjusted the shoes to small, medium and large sizes. A few of the older boys helped with that task as we sat around in Melissa's kitchen. Then, we had all the kids line up by grade so we could give each one a pair of shoes and then adjust them to fit exactly. A couple of the matrons and teachers joined us and helped out a great deal. Even our good friend Peter, who had come for the day to visit, got in on the action.

We figured we'd collect and throw away the plastic ziplock bags the shoes came in, but the kids wanted them. These shoes are very special to them, and they want to keep them as clean and neat as possible. In fact, once we had fit a kid in his/her pair and written his/her name on them, the shoes were promptly removed and safely stored in the ziplock. These are treasures for children who don't get new shoes very often, if at all.

Brian helped us get the shoes ready for handing out

All lined up and waiting patiently for their new shoes

Teacher Mary and Matron Josephine show the children how the shoes work

Big smiles all around!


Unknown said...

Wonderful! Look at those smiles. The Shoe that Grows is a simple product that can change the world!

Regina said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures.