"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." - Dorothea Lange

Saturday, May 24, 2014


I'm having trouble falling asleep tonight. I just came in from the balcony, where I'd been sitting for quite a while. My chair was pointed northward, and I was I trying to catch a glimpse of the meteor shower. Either the meteors were a no-show or the intermittent cloud cover was doing a good job of covering things up, because there wasn't any kind of shower going on at all.

My thoughts turned to the wee ones. If Henry and Clara lived in Kansas City, perhaps we could have wrangled them away from their loving parents for a night 'o grandparent fun this evening. The loving parents would have gone out for a long, leisurely dinner and then a movie, while we had a fun swim in the condo pool, then pizza and gelato from our favorite nearby pizza joint. Bath time, then jammie time, then story time, then let's-head-outside-to-see-if-we-can-find-any-shooting-stars-in-the-sky time. Never mind that the latter won't begin til 11. We're grandparents. We get to let the kids stay up late.

But they're not here in KC, and tonight, as on many nights, I've had to resort to looking at photos the loving parents send us (thankfully, they send lots!).

In these latest pictures I noticed that something has really changed. Instead of a picture of Clara and then a picture of Henry, these are pictures of the two pups together! It's as if they have just kind of recently discovered each other, and it looks like they are enjoying the fact that the other exists. It's very sweet!

You'll see that they love to look at books. And that Clara likes to pretend she's a cat every now and then.


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Anonymous said...

So sweet!
- Susan