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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

new sponsored student: beatrice


Aceng Beatrice is currently a Change The Truth sponsored student in Senior 1 attending Bethel Covenant College. Beatrice came to St. Mary Kevin in 2010 during her Primary 4 year with three siblings.Their single mother wanted them to have a good chance at education, and she could not afford the school fees in their village in Northern Uganda. Beatrice is a quiet and reserved, and she enjoys singing in SMK church choir. Her favorite subjects are Science and English, and one day she hopes to become a Bank Manager. She's an excellent student.

Beatrice went back to her village after completing Primary 7, thinking that she would not be able to attend secondary school. News came just in time that her dear friend Suzanne, who had first met and become close to her in 2010, had stepped up to sponsor her. What a huge turn her life has now taken. Bravo Suzanne! And good luck, dear Beatrice! These two make a great team. (In the photo above, Beatrice is wearing one of her most favorite things: a necklace from Suzanne.)

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