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Thursday, May 07, 2015

bringing uganda to the kansas suburbs

Natalie Boten is another one of CTT's super stars. She, like Eddie, is always coming up with creative ways to spread awareness about our kids in Uganda. 

For some time now, she has been developing a relationship with the students and faculty at Hocker Grove Middle School. She (along with teacher Kimberly Gilman) have been busy creating a bridge between the kids there and the kids at St. Mary Kevin Children's Home. Kids learning about kids. Kids helping kids. That's the best.

Today Natalie created a Ugandan ambience at Hocker Grove for a couple hours. She played Ugandan music, showed pictures, helped the students make small projects about themselves to deliver to the kids at SMK and fed them a taste of Ugandan food! Natalie made and rounded up the following: posho, g-nuts, beans, rice, chapati, mangos and pineapple! Posho, for those of you you may not be familiar with it, is one of the staples of the Ugandan diet. It is made up of finely ground white corn flour that is mixed with boiling water to form a solid. It's easy to make in huge batches, it fills you up, and it takes on the flavor of whatever is served with it - in most cases, beans. The kids at SMK eat it a LOT. The kids in suburban Kansas ate it today, and Natalie reported that they liked it!

Breaking down the walls between us can only bring us closer together in many positive ways. Thank you, Natalie, for taking the time to bring Uganda to Kansas for a few lucky young people today.

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Unknown said...

How wonderful Natalie! Thank you for making these connections to bridge the gap.