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Thursday, April 23, 2015

show at strecker-nelson gallery

Several of my Shredded pieces will be included in "Eccentric Visions" at Strecker-Nelson Gallery in Manhattan, Kansas. The show opens tomorrow night and runs through June 6th.

It's always fun to see older work resurface; at my mid-career retrospective, this body of work was actually the fan favorite.

It seems fitting to post these today, anyway, because it is my father's 94th birthday! It's because of him - and his request that I clean out some old file cabinets and shred some of his personal papers - that I began the project in the first place.

That's my dad on the far right in Pike's Peak image.



The Badlands

Washington Monument



Pike's Peak

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Anonymous said...

We had a great opening and many were fascinated by your shredded series. Many related as much to the family vacation nostalgia as many also related to the technical creation of the pieces. Thank you for allowing us to represent your work. - Jay