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Thursday, September 04, 2014


My friend Sheri recently returned from Uganda, and she brought home quite a gift.

Her name is Miah, and I had the great pleasure of meeting her yesterday.

Sheri and her husband, Jeremiah, left Kansas City for Uganda to finalize the adoption and bring home their little bundle just over four months ago. No one could have predicted the twists, turns, triumphs, disappointments, trials, tribulations, challenges, frustrations and ultimate joy they have experienced.  I hope they'll write a book about the Ugandan adoption process one of these days. For starters, they expected to be in Uganda 6 weeks at the most. It took 16 before they were allowed to bring Miah home.

Miah was in pretty bad shape when Sheri and Jeremiah first met her. She was sickly and couldn't walk. Now she runs all over the place and, as you can see she in these portraits I made at Loose Park, she is happy and healthy.

Welcome, Miah!

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