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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

new sponsored students

Here they are! The five students who have been recently awarded Change the Truth scholarships. Congratulations to them... and heartfelt thanks to their individual sponsors.

Oscar, Rodrick, Beatrice, Tina and Lillian

Did you know that each of our students signs a contract at the beginning of the school year?  Not only do CTT scholars have to work hard to obtain one of our sponsorships; he/she has to be diligent about maintaining it. We don't ask a lot, but what we do ask of these kids is important -  and serves to benefit each of them as they continue moving forward toward a bright future.

Here's what the contract looks like. Each student has to sign and date it to demonstrate their understanding of our expectations. And yes, over the course of time, a few students have (sadly) lost their sponsorships. We strive to be fair and deeply supportive of these kids. Melissa is there for them every step of the way. We, more than anyone can imagine, want them to succeed.


1. At the end of the Academic year, CTT students from Senior 1 - Senior 4 must have a passing grade in their top eight subjects. Senior 5 - Senior 6 should be passing all four subjects. (This grade is figured by taking an average grade from all three terms.)

2. CTT students must take all of their exams during the academic year (unless medical or other approved emergency arises.)

3. CTT students must write their sponsor at least one letter per school term.

4. CTT students must turn in their final term reports directly to Melissa.

5. CTT students are expected to be available for interaction and assistance each day the CTT team is at SMK in December, show some presence during school holidays to assist with SMK projects and provide positive leadership to the youth at SMK.

[We now sponsor 33 students in secondary school, vocational school and University. We also have six alums!]


Anonymous said...

Very exciting!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful smiles. Congratulations to these students and to Change the Truth for providing the scholarships. You should all feel very good.
- JM