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Thursday, May 24, 2012

review time again

I am subjecting myself to taking advantage of the expertise and criticism of some very high caliber portfolio reviewers at Review Santa Fe. One hundred photographers just like me got the stamp of approval from the jury to attend this year's two day crit session; we are all now very busy printing our newest work, dusting off our portfolio cases, updating our resumes and creating nifty little "leave behind" packets for the reviewers. I am actually planning to tote three bodies of work with me, so my printer and my brain have shifted into overdrive this week.

Check out the list of accepted photographers here. You can scroll through the names and take a quick look at samples of some of the 99 really interesting bodies of work.

More on who I hope to get a session with later. It's all done by lottery, so I'm not sure who my appointments will be with. I will tell you that the Senior Photo Editor from National Geographic Magazine is first on my list, though.

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Anonymous said...

I look for you there!
- David