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Sunday, February 11, 2007

seniors just wanna have fu-un

Max is sitting on top of the world. He’s a senior. I’m not sure he even remembers what color his backpack is, much less what’s inside it. Here’s a kid who never watched much T.V. who now can recite the dialogue of nearly every South Park episode, including some that even make me (pleeeease don’t watch that garbage) laugh. Max has always had lots of friends, but of the opposite sex? This is exciting and slightly nerve-wracking. In my day, compadres of a different sexual makeup were not allowed to step foot in my bedroom – no make that, get within fifty feet of it. These days, it’s where they all, different sexual makeup or not, hang out.

In this charming boy’s back pocket is an acceptance letter and an academic achievement scholarship to Tulane University for next fall. He’s waiting to hear from four or five other schools. USC is still poised as the favorite.

Max is in a band now. A punk band. He’s quick to point out to people that he does not live the punk lifestyle; he’s just in a punk band. I must tell you, though, it’s weird that my son has a friend named Savage. I mean, really, how is a mom supposed to respond when her son announces that Savage is coming over to play?

Max and his posse of best guy friends, a couple of whom used to hang around here in their diapers, now spend a lot of time out in the hot tub. They almost always have something to “celebrate”, and they do this by smoking cigars.

Last night was the WPA (Women Pay All) dance at Max’s school. We used to call it Sadie Hawkins back in the 60’s and 70’s. Anyhow, our son, who doesn’t know or care about the difference between silk and cashmere, Hugo Boss or Armani, was asked by his date to wear a teal tie to match her dress. He even borrowed one of Eddie’s black shirts and man, did he look dashing.

Here’s Max, on top of the world, being silly with his date. He’s having the time of his life.

When you think about it, isn’t this a perfect time to do so?

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